The Voigtlander
illant is a nice plastic bodied Twin Lens Reflex for 6x6 exposures on 120 film (which is still available today.) It has some nice features that put it light years ahead of the cheaper TLRs such as the Kodak Dualflex. It's not as heavy or well built as a Rollie or Yashica, but it's not as expensive either! I belive that the model pictured above is the post war model produced circa 1949. It has a Voigtar f4.5 75mm lens. The taking lens is focusable from 3 feet to infinity and the viewing lens is fixed. The lens has a 9 bladed aperture which stops smoothly from f4.5 to f16. The shutter is labeled Voightlander and has speeds of T B 1 2 5 10 25 50 100 and 175. The shutter has a cable release socket, but no flash sync. There is a depth of focus (depth of field) table on the side of the viewing hood and a frame counter on the body on the opposite side.

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