Argus Seventy-Five

The Argus 75 is a nice vintage Twin Lens Reflex ( TLR ) camera. It has time and instant (aprox 1/125th seccond) shutter speeds and a fixed focus 75mm Argus Lumar lens. The shutter is cocked by winding the film, so you have to wind it before the shutter will fire. When it is cocked a red shutter cover is revealed behind the lens to tell the user the camera is ready, and to help prevent wasted frames. It takes 6cm x 6cm exposures. It was designed for 620 film, but it can be used with 120 film so some people still use these today. The cameras tend to give a wonderfull soft yet sharp look favored by many art photographers.

Below is a Spherical QTVR object movie of an Argus 75 with Flash that was donated by Matt Smith from
Spherical QTVRs alow you to look at an object from various angles. It takes many more photos, and a lot more time to make spherical movies, which is why this site has mostly cylindrical movies.

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